Hi Pete,
Before I signed up with you to do my driving lessons I tried a few other companies, and I found that they were just in it for the money! Unlike you, you kept pushing me to book my test as you knew I was ready for it! You were so positive about me passing, I think you were more confident than I was about my test at first, but on my test day I was so confident about it! You have such a positive attitude towards people passing, I think that your instructing skills are very good, you explained everything to me and kept on explaining till I understood it. I liked the fact that every time we learned a new manoeuvre, if I didn't get it right you would keep going over it till I got it. I would recommend you to everyone, in fact I have to a few people. I hope you have lots more passes, it was such a pleasure having you as my instructor.
Thanks very much Martika.

Hiya Pete,
Pete was a fantastic driving instructor. The learning pace was ideal and by the time I had booked my test I was feeling very confident. I passed first time and it was all thanks to Pete. He's a really great guy and an excellent instructor - I would definitely recommend him .
All the best! Georgia Austin

Never thought I would pass my driving test until I had Pete as an instructor and then I passed first time! Excellent driving instructor and would definitely recommend!
Molly Evans 

Hi Pete, I thought that your instructing skills were reliable, friendly, fairly priced, and patient. I enjoyed learning with you. And even better, passing first time. I would recommend you to anyone.
Thanks, Rob Bramhall

My daughter Brooke not many lesson's needed and passed 1st time as did my son with Pete, one more of my children to go so next September you'll be booked again :D AWESOME instructor and very highly recommended :D she had never driven before and pete got her through all gears and hill start 1st time out....well proud she passed 1st time but will deffo recommend pete, really nice and friendly guy who teaches you to pass, and fair play, if she hadn't had the 40 day restriction from doing her test due to the type of insurance she would of passed sooner......even the neighbours are amazed how quick she passed.......next september now pete...24th :D
Kaz Cbr Garwood 

Pete, thanks for teaching Melissa to drive and for building her confidence. She started out a very nervous driver and we thought she might give up learning at one point, but now she really enjoys driving. We would'n't have any hesitation recommending you to others, thanks once again. Sandra &Viv Harris

When i first started with Peter i was extremely nervous about getting onto the road i never thought i would get to test stage. Peter was constantly reassuring me and making me feel at ease, he taught me at my own pace which really helped in improving my confidence. He uses many different teaching techniques and adapts to an individual needs, he realized soon on I responded best to visual aids which helped speed up the learning process for me and making the experience of learning a lot easier and more enjoyable. Three months later i passed my test first time! I cant thank him enough for the amount of patience and support he give me and would highly recommend him to everyone. Thanks again Pete David

Thank you so much for being a great instructor. I was nervous after having a fairly long break from driving lessons and you helped me get my confidence back and pass with only 2 minors! i can't recommend you highly enough. Thanks again, Jo

Thank you Pete for your time and effort with my lessons,I was lacking alot of confidence untill i changed instructors to you. You give me alot of support and i passed first time! I'll recommend you to anyone who are looking to start their lessons! Dan

Hi,Pete thanks for your time and patience and making me feel relaxed right up to my test so that i passed first time. Have already recommended you, thanks for everything. Sam

Before having lessons with Pete, I had a fair amount of hours with previous driving instructors; most of which belonged to larger driving schools in Swansea. I found it really hard to learn with these instructors due to their approach, communication or a clash of personality. This really affected my confidence behind the wheel. Whilst I felt they were able to teach me some basic driving skills, I was still unable to grasp the manoeuvres and much needed driving awareness. In all honesty, I felt that I was unable to learn the skills in order to be a safe and competent driver. I first heard of Pete’s driving school “Pass with Pete” through some friends at university who highly recommended him. After explaining to Pete my situation and previous experiences, he told me not think too much about it, and booked me in for a taster lesson the following week. Not only was Pete able to help me deal with my previous pitfalls such as manoeuvers, observations and confidence. I felt he was able to teach how to drive in a safe and competent manner. Pete had taught me very important yet easy skills to remember whilst learning to drive and this enabled me to pass my driving test first time. I also think he had great approach as an instructor; he is friendly, very understanding and patient. “I really thought I was unteachable, but Pete had taught me how to drive safe and independently within a matter of months”. Lewis Morris

Amazing instructor. I passed first time today and was more than confident. Pete made sure we did all the test routes and went over all the ones I was unsure of before my test to make sure I was confident. Really patient instructor, after learning with 2 different instructors and giving up Pete is the only one I felt comfortable and happy to learn with and its paid off! Thank you so much !!! Catrin Morris

I must say that Peter Passwithpete Jones is the best in the business when it come to teaching people how to drive and if he can teach me he can teach anyone! Hes calm collective and very patient! Wouldnt have done it without him i never thought id get on the road. Highly recommended, he even taught my sister too! Coral Sillman

Absolutely great driving instructor, passed first time with him! Highly recommended by me! Cheers pete! Josh Ryan

Excellent driving instructor, passed first time.Would highly recommend. Alex Murley

Passed first time with Pete, great instructor with a lot of patience. Enjoyed all my lessons, and couldn't of asked for better. Would definitely recommend! Sam Berry

I would highly recommend Peter to all my friends and family. I passed first time even though I was a bag of nerves on my lessons pete gave me the confidence that I needed to focus on my driving and forget about mistakes I had made on previous lessons he keeped me calm at times when I wanted to give up he has a lot of patience expecially to get me to pass first time Alex Evan

Please excuse this facebook name its a long story. This is rebecca i passed my test today first time. Pete is amazing. Always patient and reasuring. Couldnt have asked for anyone better. Thanks Pete. X Kylie Kalashnik

Please excuse this facebook name its a long story. This is rebecca i passed my test today first time. Pete is amazing. Always patient and reasuring. Couldnt have asked for anyone better. Thanks Pete. X Becky Brown

Fantastic driving instructor, very professional and overall calm person! I passed first time with Pete as he prepared me fully for the driving test and would highly recommend him to anyone Sophie-Jade Iturbe

Passed first time :) Thank you so much for your patience on all my lessons. Couldn't have done it without you. Would recommend you to anyone thinking of learning to drive Aimee-Louise Gould

Passed first time! Loved my lessons. Thanks for your patience, Pete! Lauren Hogarth

Fantastic driving instructor, which was exactly what i needed considering the bad start i had with my first instructor. I got on with pete very well and would highly recommend him Paige Wheatley

I Passed first time with Pete. Excellent and Patient teacher. Would highly recommend. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Ryan Sallis

I learnt to drive with Pete back when I was 17 and I thought he was a fantastic instructor. He's incredibly patient and when I was having a few wobbly moments, he helped me gain back my confidence. I passed first time with him as did my brother. He also taught the vast majority of my brother's friends to drive. I honesty couldn't recommend him enough. When people ask me to recommend a driving instructor, I always say Pass with Pete with no hesitation. Kate Phillips

Would recommend pete as he is incredibly patient and helped me a lot pass my test first time he is also a very nice man.Nathan Williams

great instructor passed first time with him! thanks pete! Tayla Foulston

I learnt to drive with Pete passed first time would highly recomend thanks for all the help advice and support excellent driving instructor Kerry Davies

I would highly recommend Pete for anyone who’s looking for a patient driving instructor that helps build confidence Jarad Bowen

I have always been someone that has put off driving for years and years and to class myself as a nervous driver is an understatement. Passing first time with only 3 minors is something I never thought I'd achieve but I have with Pete. If your looking for someone that is patient, friendly, professional and overall a brilliant teacher Pete is your man. Thanks Pete for putting up with all my moaning and negativity and for giving me the confidence and belief to be out on the road. Olivia Harrison-Lázaro

amazing driver instructor and would highly reccomend! Abi Jade Phelps

Huge appreciation for you, Pete. You've been the most awesome, professional, kind and patient instructor, with a touch of comedy genius. Sincerely, I couldn't have hoped for anyone better and as thrilled as I am to have passed my test, I will actually miss you on Thursday mornings! Take good care, and very many thanks. Lou xx Lou George

Absolute brilliant driving instructor, so patient and considering, he will help you gain confidence that you need to be on the roads and I passed first time with the three minors and I wouldn't of done it without peter. A massive Thankyou and would recommend you to anyone that is willing to learn how to drive. Jack Harding

Amazing instructor, helped me build confidence on the roads and was really patient. I passed first time. Highly recommend Pete. Big thankyou for helping me pass! Becki Williams

Thanks Pete for your patience and punctuality. English is not my frist launguage. Pete was very patient and tall through all the points I need to know. Absolutly recomended Xinyu HU

Brilliant instructor! Really patient and a genuinely nice guy! I never thought I'd ever pass, let alone 1st time, but Pete really made me gain confidence in myself!! If you're looking for an instructor there's no-one better I could suggest! Thanks again Pete Danielle Harry

Couldn't recommend highly enough! Great instructor with bags of patience and encouragement. If you're a bit nervous in the car, Pete will get the confidence in you and drive you forward in a friendly relaxed way. Very reliable with lesson times and goes the extra mile catering around your personal commitments. Pete always explains the situations and actions clearly and is very approachable. The priceless aspect with Pete is he's a genuinely nice guy that you can chat and have a natter with that's eager to teach, and will not string your lessons out like bigger firms and many other instructors. Thanks Pete for the confidence, encouragement and in general making learning to drive enjoyable. ***** Marc Smith

Thank you Pete for your patience, helped me gain my confidence and passed first time. I would highly recommend Pete with no hesitation.A great guy.Thanks Pete.Will Barrett

Great instructor, would highly recommend. Very patient and always gave clear instructions and explanations. Passed first time with only 3 minors. Thanks Pete Rhys Thomas

A very good instructor. Was really patient with me and helped me pass first time. I would highly recommend him. Emily Pickin

Highly rate Pete as a great instructor which helps you learn quickly and help you pass 1st time like he did for me! Has loads of experience and lots of patience really enjoyed my lessons with him can't thank him enough! Lewis Porter

Pete is a very understanding and patient driving instructor who provides you with useful and effective advice that helps you with your driving . I would highly recommend pete .Sam Reseigh

Excellent instructor managed to pass first time with him, gives you great advice and he makes sure you have a great chance of passing first time, would highly recommend  Scott Leslie

What an amazing instructor who is very calm and patient, which was excellent for me as I do tend to get frustrated, I would 100% recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you Pete for helping me pass first time Aimee Spicer-jones

I passed first time today with just 3 minors, I couldn't have done it without Pete! He's an excellent instructor who had plent of patience, would definitely recommend him to others. Thanks Pete Kiah Ross 

highly recommend pete, he's very patient as I was a nervous driver and helped me gain confidence with my driving! couldn't thank him enough Shay Owens

I'd recommend pass with Pete to anyone, I was a very nervous driver to beginning with but he made me feel at ease behind the wheel and was a very helpful instructor with a lot of patients and got me passed first time. Kirsty Iturbe

Great instructor with lots of patience and encouragement. Couldn't of asked for a nicer instructor would highly recommend to anyone Lewis Taylor

Pass with Pete first time. Pete is amazing instructor I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you so so much � x Theresa Anne

Great instructor with lots of patience, helped me pass first time would recommend to anyone massive thanks to Peter Ashley Edwards

Awesome instructor he got my daughter through her test with her passing first time :-) never cancelled a lesson and was always on time to pick her up Donna Maree Jones

Just passed first time with Pete! I was the definition of a nervous driver but we made it in the end. He is very patient and makes sure to encourage you to take your test when ready. I was nervous on the day of the test but Pete continued to encourage and gave me the confidence boost I needed to get through. Thanks Pete! Would recommend to anyone in a heart beat Jema Hacuma

Best driving instructor around. Couldn't of done it without him. Passed first time. Nikki Perman

So happy today I passed first time with Pete! Would highly recommend. Phoebe Louise Carr

I just past first time with pass with Pete with no faults, I enjoyed every moment that I was driving. Before I started driving I was very quiet and quit anxious but after his teaching he turned me in to a safe driver and got me speaking more. Thomas Woods

An absolutely amazing driving instructor! I PASSED FIRST TIME. Really enjoyed my lessons will him, he has so much patience and gave me constant reassurance especially before my test. Couldn't recommend him enough! Niamh Clarke 

Passed first time. Got nothing but great words to say about Pete. Would highly recommend. Top guy Richard Dicky Pridmore

Passed first time with only 3 minors!! Very good instructor would defiantly recommend him! Thank you pete Amy Burrows 

Passed first time today. Pete was great and put up with my insanities and my nervousness. Bags of patience and was honest about when I was ready for my test. I’m chuffed that I’ve passed and it’s all thanks to Pete! Would recommend to anyone Hayley Baldwin

Highly recommend Pete, passed with only 1 minor. Garyn Cooper

I passed today with pass with pete, with only one minor, brilliant instructor who has incredible patience, loved learning with him and would really recommend him to anyone thanks again Joseff Phelps

I passed with Pete today !!!! Having been almost phobic about driving for many years , panicking & having melt downs this guy got me through. I cannot speak highly enough of Pete, if anyone can get you through a test & set you up for life long safe driving it’s this guy. Patient, encouraging & empowering. Thank you Sarah Bailey

I have just passed my test 1st time with Pete! He has been amazing with my while I have been learning and has incredible patience. He doesn’t compare to other driving instructors I have been with previously. Highly recommended him. Thank you for everything!! Sarah Churchill

I've just passed my test first time and it was all thanks to Pete. Brilliant instructor and extremely patient. He helped build up my confidence when out on the road. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking about learning to drive! Adam Payne

Passed first time, very patient instructor! Alex McCombe

Pete is a great instructor. I am 32 and have waited till later in life to learn to drive. From start to pass he has been patient, considerate and really knowledgeable.. he went over any issues I had, called me on my mistakes but all reinforcement is positive and a great was to learn. Passed first time.... I'll just say that again, first time due to excellent instruction. Money well spent. Andrew Bell

Passed first time with Pete! He is patient and encouraging and made me have confidence in myself whilst driving, thoroughly recommend!! Jess Swain

Really good instructor, passed first time with him as well and really friendly Jay Foulston

Passed my driving test first time today with pass with Pete he's fantastic instructor I would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn once again thanks Pete.. Peter Phillips

My son learnt with Peter, he was extremely nervous but Peter really put him at ease. He had a huge amount of patience and was always giving with his time. He helped with with his theory and he past both first time. I couldn’t recommend him enough. Thank you for everything you have done Pete. Hilary Foullkes